ASST, (pronounced 'Assist') is a Webseries focusing on the lives of six assistants in Hollywood. A view from the bottom up.

ASST (pronounced "assist") was created by Josh Cohen in order to tell the story of all those assistants worldwide that are over-worked, under-paid, and unappreciated. This is their story. A view from the bottom up.

Series Background  Like most in the industry, the six main characters in ASST are chained to their desks all day, every day. They communicate via video conference (called ASST), where the 6 of them go about their daily work while keeping each other entertained and sane. Together they help each other survive horrible bosses, deadlines, and impossible tasks asked of them on a daily basis.

Characters  We follow the lives of Zack Wells (an asst at a large talent agency), Erica Morrison (an actor's home assistant), Brandon Gross (a producer's asst), Marcus Steele (a comic book studio assistant), Jill Davis (a costume warehouse assistant), and Kerry Collins (an assistant at an entertainment law firm).

Series Notes  Episodes are all between 3-6 minutes long. During our season schedule, episodes will be released for free, every Monday at 9:00am PST. Episodes are a mixture of webcam style footage, and traditional scene work. Every season consists of 10 episodes.

Sponsorship  ASST is a fully independent production. If interested in sponsorship or advertising, please use the contact form above or e-mail