Brandon Gross Kean Eli

Brandon Gross is the newest member of the ASST group. Brandon is from the mid-west and still has that small town attitude. He's a hopeless romantic and is one of those straight guys that actually liked "The Notebook". Brandon believed that all his dreams would come true when he came to Hollywood, but was hit with the hard truth. The only assistant job he could get was working for a horrible boss: a producer who truly represents all the worst aspects of Hollywood. Brandon is easily pushed over and rarely stands up for himself.

Kean Eli is a native of Encinitas, California -- a coastal beach town in northern San Diego County. He moved to Los Angeles to attend UCLA where he recently graduated with honors with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the School of Theater, Film, and Television. While in school Kean was involved in several stage and screen projects, most notably co-hosting and performing for over 7,000 people in the annual ‘Spring Sing’ for three consecutive years. His exemplary personal character and talents earned him a position as Coach for the LEAP leadership program where he also produced and directed a short film. Kean is elated to start his professional career with ASST: The Webseries.