Brenton Murrell Co-Producer / Assistant Director

Brenton Murrell is a mammal. Born and raised a good ol’ Michigan lad, he spent his childhood making “movies” using his Star Wars action figures. Cool, right? After conquering high school, he attended Indiana University where he studied media production and computer science (NERD ALERT). In his time there he did some more “movie” stuff, some “music” stuff, and even some actual “school” stuff. He loves chocolate chips, London, funny noises, and puppies (puppies! PUPPIES). After attaining his bachelor’s degree, Brenton moved out to Los Angeles with the goal of some day directing films. Although he’s only live there for a few months, he found some work working on sets of major-label music videos. He currently works full-time for a marketing agency. He’s technically an international award-winning editor, but titles aren’t really his thing. Pretend you didn’t read that.