Erica Morrison Mary Kate Wiles

Erica Morrison is a southern belle who recently moved to LA in pursuitof her dream to become an award-winning actress. Erica is currentlyworking as an actor's home assistant in hopes that it will help hermake the connections she needs to succeed in her industry. People havenot yet recognized her undiscovered talent, but she knows that soonthe world will be lit up by her grace and beauty. She's a real hardworker and loves meeting new people.

Mary Kate Wiles lived most of her life in Fayetteville, Arkansas,until she came out to LA to study acting at USC. She graduated in 2009with degrees in Theatre and English and has been professionallymodeling and acting since. Mary Kate's recent credits include featurefilms Dark Woods and Murder in the Dark, webseries Squaresville andASST, and the upcoming film Dreamworld. She is represented by OriginTalent and Aligned Entertainment, and drinks more coffee and sweet teathan she would like to admit.