Jill Davis Stephanie Kay

Jill Davis is an assistant at Frontier Costumes. Jill is not your ordinary fashionista. Although often seemingly bitchy, bossy, and egotistical, Jill exudes wit, charm, and even a sensitive side. Jill is a no-mess kind of young woman with a passion for fashion and a dedication to her work. She is naturally skillful and has an eye for aesthetics and arts. At the end of the day, Jill just a regular, self-conscious girl, with a solid heart hid under a facade of makeup and designer accessories.

Stephanie Kay grew up on the east coast, living in both Virginia and Florida. At 16 years old, Stephanie convinced her parents to let her fly to the west coast for her first time ever, so that she could attend the ucla summer acting for the camera program. Two years later Stephanie moved full time to LA to attend the University of Southern California. It was there that her dream of becoming an actress was affirmed, as she acted in multiple student films with the esteemed USC Cinema School. Stephanie graduated early in efforts to train full time in her profession. She hasn't looked back since.