Josh Cohen Creator / Director / Producer

Josh Cohen is from Los Angeles and has always been passionate about Hollywood. Josh's showbiz career began when he gave a speech at his sister's bat mitzvah that erupted the audience in laughter. While in college at Indiana University, Josh began his professional career when he wrote and directed one the first official stage adaptations of Joss Whedon's Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, selling out every performance. He went on to direct Into The Woods, once again selling out all performances. In his last semester at I.U., Josh sold his first screenplay to a major studio, "Love Drug" and has been a working writer ever since. Josh has optioned and sold several screenplays and is delighted to be telling the story of ASST: The Webseries. In addition to his love for screenwriting and directing, Josh has spent the last four years working for The Aerospace Corporation, a federally funded research and development center. Thanks for watching ASST!