Lucas Miller Kyle Hamilton

Lucas Miller possesses a strong insolence attitude when dealing with being territorial around people, mainly Zack. He is 'THE' dude and defines every precise detail of having the nonchalant attitude that every girl is attracted to. Given the circumstance of his father's reputation, there is a lot personal expectations that Lucas senses are easily obtainable. He has the intelligence of becoming a very reputable agent down the road but lacks the inner drive that is assumed from his father.

Kyle Matthew Hamilton was raised on the far out-skirts of Bloomington, Indiana in a small-town called Salem. He has lived and worked frequently as an actor in Los Angeles for the past few years now while continuing his passions for singing, playing music, and skateboarding. Kyle is represented by Lewis and Beal Talent Agency and Young Performers Management. He thanks Josh and the cast/crew for their bold and powerful tenacity!