Marcus Steele Saji Dias

Marcus Steele is earnest and somewhat awkward, shy – yet zealous and passionate about the world as he sees it – Marcus Steele is the epitome of today’s Gen Y youth, often left to themselves to navigate the complex world around them: Lovable but pretty peculiar, we’re left to ask: Will this guy make it through life? Still, there is a beauty to Marcus’s innocence and aloofness. He may be odd, nerdy and permanently prepubescent, but he’s still our little oddball... So we’re rootin’ for him!

Saji Dias is an up and coming Sri Lankan born actor and writer who completed most of his scene study at The Acting Center in Los Angeles. After successfully completing several terms at The Second City, Hollywood, Saji was admitted into its acclaimed Conservatory Program where he is a continuing student and performer. He is actively pursuing his goal of a successful career in film and television. He is excited to be a part of “ASST.” and thanks Josh Cohen and the talented cast and crew for the opportunity. Saji is represented theatrically by Chic Management, Los Angeles.