Owen Danser Pete Collie

Owen Danser is a guy who literally finds life too stressful and would rather sit at home, get stoned and live in his world rather than go and live in the real one. He doesn't work but always has enough cash to fund his addiction, and pay his rent. Which makes you ask, how? He is a very laid back guy, especially when stoned and couldn't care less what people think about him. He likes him! He's a good friend to Brandon when he puts his mind to it, but is rarely out of his own mind.

Pete Collie was born in Yateley, England. From an early age he was always a performer and found his love for acting in theatre. After many years of performing on stage, he wanted to broaden his horizons and move into film. So with the support of his family he decided to follow his childhood dream and move to film capitol of the world, Los Angeles. He is currently represented by Avant Artist. He is excited about his future adventures in LA, and is extremely blessed to be a part of ASST.