Sarah Hess Jaclyn Haydamacha

Sarah Hess is a struggling and neurotic actress and vocalist. Sarah's prime goal is to draw what seems to be blood from a stone in making connections from her employer at her dead end job PA job. Once very confident, but has been jaded by this city. She masks her disappointments and shortcoming with a sarcastic confidence that tends to alienate her from real girlfriends. I.e. women that shes see's as her competition. She and Erica fight over the few opportunities that their boss gets. 

Jaclyn Haydamacha is a professional Actor/Vocalist from Philadelphia, PA and is now pursuing her career in Los Angeles, CA. She holds a BA from Temple University in Theater Arts with an acting emphasis. Jaclyn is currently finishing up her first Rock album with her band Ice Cream Fire. You can see Jaclyn perform monthly as a resident vocalist at the Dresden Lounge. Lots of thanks to her Mom and Dad, her boyfriend and music collaborator Tim Kelly, and all of her close friends for their support!