Zack Wells Derrick Bean

Zack Wells is one of those guys that are great in small doses.  He is an assistant at the Hollywood Creative Agency, and never lets anyone forget it.  As the self-proclaimed leader and creator of ASST, he constantly tries to be the life of the webchat despite the fact it quickly becomes annoying to the other members. He often feels the need to impress those around him, as he harbors insecurities of self-worth and being accepted.  However, underneath all the sarcasm and posturing, Zack is someone who would always have your back in a time of need.

Derrick Bean has always felt a little different from the crowd.  Born in Michigan, raised in Tokyo, Japan, his life has been full of travels to distant lands meeting people from all walks of life. Primarily an actor for the stage, Derrick moved to Los Angeles in 2009 to pursue a career in film and television. Derrick likes good food and drink, warm tropical waters, and adventure; and always tries to find opportunities to enjoy them at the same time.  He thanks his dedicated parents, his great friends, and the wonderful cast and crew of ASST for supporting his blossoming career.